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Computer Audio

Computer Speakers

Whereas music can sound rich and clear in other areas of your home, the sound from your computer speakers can be tinny and feeble. It’s like desiring an Angus steak but compromising with a veggie burger instead. In comparison, computer audio through quality hi-fi speakers from AudioEngine is a completely different experience. Working from home or surfing the web can now be enjoyable when sound quality is crisp and satisfying. Why accept less?

AudioEngine speakers come in a satin black, gloss white or beautiful solid bamboo cabinet, and you have a choice of small or large depending on your personal size preference.


You’re working out at the gym, traveling, or enjoying a late night film but wish to immerse yourself fully in sound. Quality headphones are the perfect solution to allow you to respect others’ need for quiet but still have an outstanding sound experience.

With a half-century of design experience in the audio industry and the respect of audiophiles worldwide, Grado produces some of the best headphones available on the market today. Visit our store to test drive a pair, and you’ll see why their unsurpassed levels of pitch control, harmonic accuracy and bass quality put Grado headphones simply streets ahead.

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