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Structured Wiring


Are you building a new home or remodeling your current property?

If you have been discussing options with your builder or contractor and have heard any of the following comments, you may wish to get a second opinion before committing precious time and money.

“You don’t need much internet wiring; you’ll have fine Wi-Fi coverage in the house.”

“We’re going to centralize all your TV boxes; it’ll be easier.”

“We’re wiring for Control 4 smart home control. It’ll be GREAT for you!”

“Don’t worry, WE know what wiring you need!”

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your current one, well planned low voltage wiring will ensure that you have a home that is equipped to meet both your present and future audio and video needs.  Informed planning from experts in the field gives a more economical, less disruptive wiring solution in the early stage rather than an expensive, messy retrofit after the house has been built.

Low voltage wiring is used for speakers, video distribution, televisions, home internet, telephone, security alarms and cameras, intercom and doorbells.

myHomedia is happy to review and discuss your construction plans and offer an integrated solution for your whole home while taking into consideration your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Building a new house or remodelling?