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Simple to use, one-touch remote control

You’ve finished watching your TV show and now you want to watch a movie. All you need is the right remote. Once again, it is not where you left it. Imagine how much easier life would be if you had just ONE remote to control everything; TV, sound, media room or home theater. If this sounds interesting, you may wish to consider a custom programmed remote control.

myHomedia sell and custom program Pro Control remotes that make operating your system simple and efficient. Whether you want to catch a favorite TV show, watch a movie or listen to music, one remote controls all. When not in use, it charges in a base unit.  Easy to find, easy to use!

Our remote controls are reliable and efficient. The signal can even pass through cabinet doors using an infra red repeater kit, or from even further away using an optional radio based controller.

There is no need to program the remote control yourself. After consultation with you as to your needs, a myHomedia technician will program and test the remote in your home. As part of the service, you will be shown how to use the remote, and you will also receive a simple user guide and a USB drive containing a copy of your custom configuration in case changes are needed in the future. For an extra charge, we can also provide a Pro Control iPad based control option as an adjunct to your remote.

Pro Control is a sister company to RTI, Remote Technologies Inc., one of the largest system control suppliers in the world.

A universal remote gives your family room harmony.