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Our Exceptional Warranty Program

warrantyComplimentary 30 day free call-out and replacement program

Your system comes with a free 12 month no charge warranty program for workmanship and hardware purchased from myHomedia.

All equipment supplied by myHomedia comes with the full US manufacturer’s warranty.

If your equipment should fail within 30 calendar days of purchase, myHomedia will arrange a complimentary call-out to troubleshoot the equipment failure. A replacement unit will be provided to replace the faulty unit. This will be at no charge to you.

Hardware failures after 30 days and less than 12 months

If there is a hardware failure after 30 calendar days, myHomedia will remove the unit and have it repaired. It will then be re-installed at no charge to you.

Service/ Hardware failures after 12 months

Should your system require service or have a hardware failure after 12 months you have the following two options:

1) You may return the equipment to the manufacturer at your discretion and work directly with the manufacturer to resolve the issue.

2) You may contact myHomedia to arrange a chargeable call-out to troubleshoot the equipment failure. If the equipment has a defect that requires return to the manufacturer, myHomedia will return the equipment to the manufacturer on your behalf.

Once your equipment has returned from repair, myHomedia will contact you to arrange a call-out to re-install the equipment into your system. You will be charged for any repair costs and a trip fee.

Remote control changes

Remote control configuration changes (such as changing TV service provider or adding components) are covered by a chargeable call-out.

Callout charges

- $99 callout fee for up 60 minutes of investigation, problem resolution or remote programming
- $50 per additional 30 minutes (or part of any 30 minute increment on site)
- $35 trip fee for each visit to the home

(Charges thru 12/31/16)